Bamboo Urla alışveriş merkezi inşaatına başlandı.

The construction of Bamboo Urla has started.

The first life and shopping center of Urla, as the new center of luxurious life in İzmir, will be opened in the second quarter of 2019 with the investments by Karakaşlar Group.

Yusuf Kemal Karakaş Bloomberg TV Röportaj

Yusuf Kemal Karakaş Bloomberg TV Interview

Mr. Yusuf Kemal Karakaş, as the Board Chairman of Karakaşlar Group, gave an interview about Bamboo Nazilli and Shopping Mall investments...

Bamboo Nazilli Açıldı

The grand-opening of Bamboo Shopping Mall

The grand-opening of Bamboo Shopping Mall has drawn the attraction of not only the World of business and politics, but also the citizens. While providing...

Bamboo Nazilli Alışveriş ve Yaşam Merkezi kapılarını 20 Mayıs'ta açıyor.

Bamboo Nazilli Shopping Mall opens its doors on May 20th.

A broad participation was seen from the regional and national press to the press conference as organized before the grand opening.


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